About Us

Meet Bob, the founder of the new Cheshire Wellness Centre in Lymm, and find out why he has created the space he wishes had always existed;

“During the pandemic, unfortunately the key issues of mental health, including men’s mental health, along with addictions and domestic abuse have enhanced for many people. And many of these people are not being reached if they are not already in the traditional system.

For all those people I wanted to create the Cheshire Wellness Centre, to offer a place that is safe, and somewhere to go when it gets too much.” Bob Baker

Bob’s Story

Bob’s career as a salesman spans over 3 decades. A difficult period in his personal life had a profound effect on his mental health ultimately resulting in a stay in residential rehab to tackle his addiction, anxiety and depression. “I was inspired to open a wellness centre when I discovered there was not a lot of help available to sustain my whole journey through mental health and addiction.

Our centre provides comfortable therapy rooms in the most beautiful and tranquil setting, where councillors and their clients are actively encouraged to linger in our common spaces, and we support this with a range of holistic activities including yoga, wellness walks, reiki and beauty treatment services” explains Bob. “I was keen to address the acutely uncomfortable feeling of ‘ill health’ that comes from attending therapy appointments in conventional settings.

Our clients attending the Cheshire Wellness Centre now say they feel like they are part of something that will keep growing and growing and I want everyone to know what a place like this can do.”