Shamina Noor

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Shamina Noor

Life Coach – BSY
Adult Advanced Holistic Reflexologist – CIC College of Light
Children Advanced Holistic Reflexologist – CIC College of Light
Massage Therapist – VCTC Health and Beauty Diploma Level 3
Reiki Therapist
Chakra Dancing Instructor – Elizabeth Clifford School (MNFSH MHAO IIZ ITEC Dip.WSA)
Zen Yoga – BSY
Adult and Children Fitness Coach – YMCA Advanced Diploma

Member of FHT – The Federation of Holistic Therapists



My background involves working with both adults and children, in various roles and settings which fully compliment my holistic clinic. A fully qualified and experienced therapist in Holistic Reflexology for adults and children, Massage and Reiki, I am also a qualified fitness coach and a Chakra Dancing Instructor.

A victim of Domestic abuse, which spanned over eighteen years, impacting upon my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth, I eventually mustered the courage to break free and slowly reclaim my identity. Holistic therapies were a crucial part of my recovery. Reconnecting to my interest in holistic, spirituality, mediation, breath work, Yoga and exercise provided me with a strength, a will to survive and gave me the opportunity to claim my power back. Alongside this, I wanted to raise my children from a place of love and teach them the holistic way of life.

My first-hand experience surviving Domestic abuse has ignited a passion in me to help empower other women, children and men, to strive to reach their goals and potential- to follow their dreams.  I wanted to equip myself with the right tools to do my little bit and spent years learning, retraining, and building my knowledge. The skills I learnt allowed me to nurture my children, provide them with love and stability and provide a safe and happy home. My children are my proudest products – they truly are amazing!  When I look back to what they (and I) have been through, the shadows my abuser created for their childhood pail in insignificance to the remarkable and resilient individuals they are today, each of them thriving and creating the lives they want.

My teachings; my love, my passion for spiritual growth, positive thinking, breath work, reflection, meditation were all key in keeping both me and my family going through our darkest times. We are a free, happy, loving family now. I hope my story helps others and alongside my treatments my aim is to make others smile, to give them the strength to make some positive changes and ultimately enable them to lead the happy and peaceful life they deserve.

In 2002 I began working as a fitness instructor in Fitness Yoga and other fitness classes and a massage therapist from 2003, providing Swedish body massage.  My main interest was introducing wellness to adults and helping people to explore wellbeing and holistic practices to aid their lives. Today with my training in holistic reflexology and Reiki this has opened the opportunity to provide a more bespoke treatment.

My experience working with children started in 2009 as a fitness coach, and later opening my own childcare setting. I have a great belief children’s voices need to be heard and they need to feel that their feelings and opinions matter. I have considerable experience working with children, parents, and families as a unit to provide a safe and secure environment for their child to grow and achieve their full potential. As a children’s fitness coach, I worked to engage children to be creative in dance and movement, helping children to listen to instructions, helping them to be engaged and be involved, dealing with difficult behaviours, and seeing the success stories in the child learning and enjoying the aspect of dance and imagery play.  I have an abundance of experience in supporting new parents, or parents needing advice on family matters and working with them for the best outcome for their child. I have provided support covering many areas, e.g. Separation/divorce, bullying, confidence building, loss and bereavement, and any other changes that may affect the child’s or parents wellbeing. As a carer for children, achieving Ofsted accreditation, it was important for me to provide a home from home setting and fully support the family in the best way possible, to ensure the stability for the child.


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