Susan Roberts

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October 18, 2021


My name is Susan Roberts and I have been a therapist for 38+ years.  I work linking the Physical body with the Mental Emotional and how our react/response to life and life’s experiences affect them, the affect they have on each other and on our energy levels too.  We carry so much more in our physical bodies than we realise or recognise and may aim is to be able to help you to release what doesn’t serve you – Physically. Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually, whether your issues are from today, yesterday, last week month or 50+ years ago, and to work with you to gain and maintain freedom to move well and to feel more in control of your life so that you can be all that you want to be ~ in life ~ for life.

Therapies I work with:  TDT ~ Massage that uses specific techniques that are deeply soothing to the nervous system and subconscious;   Bodywork/Massage treatments; Psychotherapy ~ to gain deeper meaning and understanding of ourselves & others, including re writing your Life Script through the process of “Fairy Tales”; Posture Assessment & Somatic Exercise Movements to help with releasing recurring physical issues; Quantum Healing Self Soothe Meditation sessions; Clinical Aromatherapy

I offer a Free Chat/Consultation for all clients new to me to discuss what I might be able to do to help and support you.


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