Tanya Miller

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I’m a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). I’m an Integrative Counsellor which means I use a variety of techniques to help you tell your story. I predominantly use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy and Person Centred Therapy (PCT) within sessions.

I can support with the following presenting issues; Depression, Grief, Stress, Work Related Stress, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Miscarriage, Affairs, Bullying, Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Passive Aggressive Behaviour, Low Self Esteem and Low Self Confidence.

I have previously worked for the NHS within the Mental Health sector. I also have 8 years experience working with people who are Deaf, Deafened, Blind and Deaf Blind. I communicate well using British Sign Language (BSL) and I use the Deaf Blind Manual (hands on sign language).

I became a Qualified Counsellor in 2016. I continue to learn and grow by actively working through continued personal development (CPD). I have Supervision regularly to comply with the BACPs ethical guidelines for best practice.

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