A Place that is safe, somewhere to go when it gets too much…

For our clients, we endeavour to create an empathic and respectful approach in a non-judgemental environment to support you on your own unique journey.

Our holistic approach offers psycho-educational courses, workshops, holistic therapies, yoga, mindfulness, wellness walking, peer group support and counselling as part of a well-being care plan tailored to your individual needs.

For therapists, this is an inclusive and supporting environment with strong ethical values to ensure this is a great place to work!!

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Our Values


All people have the right to be heard, be treated with dignity and respect and to have their privacy protected. Here at CWC we will respect the person, their family and carers, their experience, their values, beliefs, and culture. We will also respect diversity among people, families, carers, colleagues and communities, in areas including gender, culture, religion, spirituality, disability, age, power, status and sexual orientation.


Our clients welfare is a priority and we take safeguarding seriously for the welfare of others, and this guides the work we do. Striving to uphold the human rights of people, families and carers, including full and effective participation and inclusion in society, we aim to support the individual, and others who may be affected by the illness of a family member.


We believe in kindness and compassion, we will not judge and offer a safe environment practicing patience, warmth and empathy. Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of you is at the heart of everything we do.


Empowerment is a journey. It is a multi-dimensional process through which individuals and groups gain better understanding and control of their lives. We aim to support you in the level of choice, influence and control you have over the events in your life. This includes, self-reliance, participation in decision, dignity and respect and belonging and contributing to a wider community.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but ourselves.” Shakespeare

A journey begins with one step.

You are stronger than you know and braver than you believe.